Summer air conditioning

> The best solutions for the least environmental impact

Summer air conditioning


We examine the various Customer requirements case by case, from the small commercial business to the largest hospital and industrial structures. 
We develop projects designed to offer the best solutions and projects available on the market, to continually search for the solution which optimises the technical and economic levels.
Basically, our systems aim to offer:

  • Improved economies of scale by evaluating case by case the Customer’s requirements and the type of environment: absorbent electrical refrigerating units (fuelled by methane gas), with endothermic motor, etc.;
  • Less environmental impact by using refrigerating machines with non-polluting gas;
  • Less acoustic impact by using super-silenced equipment with low sound emissions;
  • Centralisation for systems with considerable power, to obtain substantial savings on machine consumption;
  • Use of large and medium systems of remote alarm and remote control  for a more cautious management of the system, thanks to a 24/7 real monitoring of the basic parameters of the system.


Our proposals aim to fully satisfy our Customers. We coordinate our installers very carefully to enable them to deliver the maximum from a technical and functional point of view, whatever the use and economic needs.
This structure has always enabled us to ensure the agreed project fully complies with what we actually implement.
Our technical department constantly follows every worksite, and updates the projects, if necessary, in close collaboration with the customer. Of extreme importance in the design and implementation of the system is the high level of experience gained in the field by our technical teams: installers, plumbers and electricians.

System running and maintenance

As a further guarantee for project design and installation, we offer to run and service the systems we manage. C.P.M. Gestioni Termiche srl is an ICIM certified enterprise, based on the European Regulation 308/2008 and subsequent amendments and supplements, according to which all enterprises with personnel qualified to install, service or repair systems containing greenhouse gases, F-gases, are required to hold specific certification issued by an Accredited Certification Authority. Our structure consists of highly qualified technical personnel holding a refrigeration engineer qualification, to guarantee regular and programmed maintenance of the air conditioning systems. Regular, programmed maintenance aims exclusively at reducing the number of breakdowns to avoid the effects of unwelcome downtime, which could be protracted, depending on the seriousness of the problem and the times needed to get any spare parts (clearly longer during the summer) or on the possible overlapping of emergency call-outs in the same area. Programmed maintenance is fundamental for the system to function correctly and reliably with a long useful life.  Our technicians rely on well-equipped workshops to carry out programmed interventions according to regular maintenance schedules, which differ according to the type and age of each system, and in synergy with telematic, remote management and remote control systems, also coordinated from our central office. 
One of the most frequent interventions we wish to draw your attention to is the disinfection of the internal units containing the vital parts of the air conditioning units: in fact, colonies of bacteria (especially legionella, although other types have been found) frequently form, which are extremely harmful to your health.
We repeat, therefore, that the main advantage we offer is that the system manufacturer and operator are one and the same.
This is because the operator has the same interest as Administration in keeping the system facilities operating at their best, as its main source of earnings lies in energy saving. Quite simply: to minimise inefficient services for the benefit of Customer satisfaction and above all for the end users, thanks to greater continuity of operations.