Sources of renewable energy

> Energy Service Company, save by safeguarding the environment

Sources of renewable energy

An E.S.CO. serving the environment and the Customer

For C.P.M. to be able to design, construct and manage systems supplied by Sources of Renewable Energy has meant a big step up in its vertical integration since it was founded. Since 2006, C.P.M. has been an E.S.CO. (Energy Service Company), capable of providing advice, final design, the funding and management of systems supplied by renewable energy sources, aiming at energy efficiency and a decrease in the environmental impact.
This new corporate division has enabled our company to be able to offer our Customers a truly Global Energy Service, which is integrated first and foremost, even upstream of the value-added chain of energy services.
In fact, as we are able to use conventional energy sources (fossil fuels), both separately or together with renewable sources - more using co-generation and remote heating, but also biomasses and solar/photovoltaic - the C.P.M. offer is clearly in line with the increasing demand by Public Administration for systems with increasingly eco-compatible emissions and enables the Customer to make use of the various types of state funding, such as capital grant and feed-in tariffs.

Innovation and Saving

Remote heating and co-generation: save by safeguarding the environment

It is a well known fact that to reduce pollution, it is fundamental for us to reduce the amount of combustion and, therefore, the number of boilers used. To obtain this, projects of remote heating are being developed which connect several systems to the same boiler, thus reducing not only the emission of gases, but also the costs to check and service the boilers and the risks the latter may malfunction.
C.P.M.’s objective is to optimise the “heat network” by working closely with its customers and trying to develop remote heating to the maximum, in compliance with urban and territorial restrictions. Whenever a boiler is used for more than 300 days a year, the development of remote heating projects also includes the opportune use of co-generation systems. These exploit the heat of waste gases to activate a process to produce electricity, which can be then used by the Authority with an additional benefit in terms of rational and efficient management of resources.

C.P.M. guarantees the Client

  • Feasibility study;
  • Funding for the project against a long-term management contract;
  • Working project, test and start-up;
  • Results as stated in the project.