To establish the idea of only one contact person, from the very beginning, C.P.M. set up technical teams of installers, plumbers and electricians to carry out improvements to adapt existing systems or to design them from scratch, and this included works supervision.
Thanks to a decidedly successful organisational model, C.P.M. is able to avoid inefficiencies due to problems of coordination between the lessee, maintenance worker and the system manufacturer, all of whom converge at C.P.M. C.P.M. is certified to install, transform, increase and maintain energy systems according to Art. 1 of the Law No. 46/90, letters a), b), c), d), e), g), and subsequent amendments and supplements. It has the SOA OG 10, 11, OS 3, 19, 28, 30 certifications and is also ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, SA8000 and UNI 11352 certified.
In over 20 years of operating in this field, C.P.M. has gained a series of experiences on various types of systems and technical problems, and has always implemented solutions to fulfil the most varied requirements and needs of every Customer. The systems we have constructed in over 25 years of business have enabled us to obtain high SOA classifications, such as:

OG10, Class.V (value Euro 5,165,000):  Construction of Public Lighting systems;

OS30, Class.II (value Euro 516,000): Construction of interior electrical systems;

OS 28, Class.IVbis (value Euro 3,500,000):  Construction of Heating and Air conditioning systems;

OG19, Class.I (value Euro 258,000) Systems of telecommunication and data transmission networks.

Our management proposal

We currently manage heating systems for approximately 120 customers, ranging from Public Administration to Private Organisations, in the Marche, Tuscany, Abruzzo, Umbria and Lazio.
As a result of this experience, we have developed and refined considerable technical and methodological skills. Our continual research into the best use of the technological processes, in compliance with the Law 10 of 09/01/91, also highlights how the policy of rational use of energy and energy raw materials is mainly a complex of organic actions aiming to encourage energy saving, by the appropriate use of even traditional sources of energy and to improve the technological processes which use it.

We are certified to install, transform, extend and service energy systems according to Art. 1 of the Ministerial Decree No. 37/2008, letters a), b), c), d), e), g), and subsequent amendments and supplements. We are also certified according to the Quality Assurance System ISO 14001 (Design - Management - Maintenance - Air Conditioning Systems).
Our objective is to improve the use of energy resources by means of state-of-the-art systems, in compliance with the standards which have followed one another over time and which impose precise standards aiming to:

  • save energy,
  • respect the environment,
  • maintain levels of safety in compliance with the standards on systems and workplaces.

Our proposal consists of a long-term agreement, all-inclusive of the services to produce, supply and control energy, regular and extraordinary maintenance, adaptation to legislation and computerised remote control. It also includes all the operations to optimise system performance. It is the most rational and efficient response to the legislative measures mentioned above.
By working with us, our Customers are guaranteed to receive the following benefits from day one:

  1. constant, comfortable temperature in all rooms;
  2. a considerable economic saving by saving energy;
  3. emergency call-out 24/7, 365 days/year
  4. full compliance of the entire range of systems;
  5. all juridical and civil liabilities regarding the correct running of the heating systems will pass to third parties (responsible third party) even though you remain in control;
  6. a smaller internal workload as the number of suppliers (fuel suppliers, system manufacturer, electricians, plumbers, maintenance workers, etc.) is reduced to one contact person responsible for all the problems linked to air conditioning.

The service and the supply procedures

In order to make a proposal for heating management which answers your specific needs, we first need to know your historic fuel consumption (preferably for the last two years) and to conduct a technical on-site investigation of your existing systems to evaluate their condition.

We will then make a proposal without any obligation, to be implemented as envisaged by the Code for tenders currently in force (Legislative Decree 163/2006 and its implementation Decree 2017/2010), together with the complete technical report on your systems and the necessary interventions.
Below is a detailed summary of the main elements of the Service proposed by C.P.M., including the all-inclusive fee for management. We wish to specify that the stages of the activities listed below constitute the basic structure of our service, extended therefore, to Public Lighting, Summer Air Conditioning and to systems supplied by Sources of Renewable Energy:

Design and/or adaptation of multiple systems to comply with the standards

In order to optimise the Energy service, we are able to design traditional, as well as technically more advanced systems from scratch, or we can adapt them according to the laws in force with the aim to reduce consumption and consequently, the negative impact on the environment.
For example, with co-generation systems and networks of remote heating, we can produce electricity by recycling the heat generated and reducing the number of boilers used. In both cases, atmospheric emissions are unequivocally reduced by rationalising the energy resources.

Remote control management and emergency call-out with computerised remote control 24/7 and remote alarms

The need to run the systems efficiently and to maintain the constant level of air conditioning agreed with the Customer means that, on an operative level, the energy supply has to be continually calibrated according to the climate. This requires us to continually monitor the ignition phase of the systems 24/7.
The operations room at our head office is able to control and manage the systems from a distance, and automatically transmits a remote alarm in the event of a block or fault, which triggers the intervention in real time of our technical teams based throughout the country. All this enables us to guarantee an Emergency Call-out within 60 minutes from the time the problem arises in the contract.

Constant analyses of atmospheric emissions and system performance

We constantly monitor all the services under our management once a month, once every six months or once a year (depending on the location and type of fuel used), in order to obtain the maximum output possible and to reduce the waste of energy resources to the minimum.
Furthermore, we also carry out accurate analyses on the atmospheric emissions of the system according to the timescale established by the Italian Presidential Decrees 551/99 and subsequent amendments and supplements and 74/2013, according to the size of the system and with adequate technical instruments (Dräger combustion analyser with annual calibration at SIT centres).  The results are objectively acknowledged by Italian and European technical specialists.

Compilation of bureaucratic paperwork (Ispesl, VVF, Arpam, Provincia, etc.)

Our “turnkey” service to supply energy also dispatches all the paperwork required to adapt to the standards, up to and including the homologation of the systems.

Supply of liquid and/or gas fuel

We autonomously provide and supply any type of fuel to maintain the level of comfort established by legislation and agreed with the Customer. Different consumption depending on the seasonal temperatures will no longer be a problem for our Customers, as you will only have to pay the agreed tariff, which remains unchanged throughout your contract.
As we are very flexible in our calculation of the heat supplied (thermal kilowatt, hours of use, day temperature, etc.), we have always managed to find a suitable formula for our Customers’ different requirements.

Regular, preventive and programmed maintenance

Thanks to its consolidated, scheduled maintenance procedures for preventive and programmed maintenance, our Technical Department deals almost exclusively with keeping the central heating plants fully operational and optimising operations, performance and, as a result, their atmospheric emissions.
Our structure consists of highly qualified, technical staff with consolidated experience to guarantee regular, programmed maintenance for air conditioning systems. Our aim is to prevent any malfunction before it occurs (to avoid extraordinary or emergency repairs), often at the worst time.
Programmed maintenance aims exclusively at reducing the number of breakdowns to avoid the effects of unwelcome downtime which could be protracted, depending on the seriousness of the problem and the time needed to get any spare parts.
Preventive maintenance is fundamental in order to guarantee the system operates and performs well and has a long useful life. Our technicians rely on well equipped workshops to carry out programmed interventions according to regular maintenance schedules, which differ according to the type and age of each system.  One of the most frequent interventions we wish to draw your attention to is the disinfection of the internal units containing the vital parts of the air conditioning units: in fact, colonies of bacteria (especially legionella, although other types have been found) frequently form, which are extremely harmful to your health.
C.P.M. also provides regular, preventive and programmed maintenance as a “stand alone” service.

Acceptance of the role of “Responsible 3rd party”

By accepting the role of “Responsible third party”, C.P.M. will take over all the technical and administrative duties envisaged by the law in force on the subject. In particular, it will improve the process to transform and use energy, and encourage the use of sources of renewable energy or similar. The main technical and administrative obligations and duties of the “Responsible Third Party” are as follows:

  • to control and supervise the systems according to UNI and CEI standards, to guarantee they function correctly according to the legislation in force on safety, hygiene, the rational use of energy and consumption restrictions, protection of the environment, waste disposal and pollution;
  • to draft the energy report, pursuant to Art. 30 of the Law 10/91, which certifies compliance of the system with the law, and which indicates the individuals qualified to issue this declaration of conformity, should conditions enable this declaration to be made; otherwise the declaration will be drawn up only after the work has been completed;
  • to accept liability for any sanctions due to non-compliance with the Law 10/91;
  • to prepare the documentation for work to adapt to the legislation, and to issue the declaration of conformity (Law 46/90) for each replacement and/or modification made to the systems;
  • to keep the air conditioning record book up-to-date, in compliance with the Attachment to the Italian Ministerial Decree 10.02.2014 and the Presidential Decree 74/2013, and return it to the owner at the end of the period of management. This record book shall hold all the documentation due, in compliance with the national, regional or municipal regulations in force. It shall be prepared on notification of the success of the tender, as the contract proceeds.
  • to produce tests and analyses of combustion performance;
  • to prepare the declaration for INAIL (formerly ISPESL) [National Institute for Insurance against accidents at Work], stating that the thermoregulating apparatus has been checked according to legislation;
  • to place a sign for each system indicating: the system operating times and the individual responsible for running and servicing the latter.

In compliance with the Law 10/91 and subsequent amendments and supplements and its enforcement regulations, C.P.M. annually appoints the Energy Manager and will notify the name to the Ministry of Industry and to the Municipal Technical Department at the time the contract is stipulated. The Energy Manager will prepare a report on the state of the systems, their preservation and rational use of energy, their condition and the actions, interventions and procedures to be carried out to increase system efficiency and performance and to reduce polluting emissions.

Running and management of heating systems

The correct running of the systems is a key point in energy management. In fact, the management of the systems and processing of the performance information regarding specific consumption provides precious data to be used to programme maintenance activities. Our management service is active in that it consists of basic check and assessment activities, which not only guarantee the safety and continuity of the service, but also aim to simultaneously reduce energy consumption and polluting emissions. It is, therefore, geared to the study of strategies to be used to improve the synergies between the needs of the Authority and the economies of scale at the centre of the project. It ensures the contractual performance, efficiency and continual operation of the systems are all maintained during the periods and at the times established by the Authority. In particular, it will ensure the comfort level within the buildings in the tender in the specific period and at the times and in the ways established by current legislation according to the intended use of the systems. The systems will be run in three distinct phases.